Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Searching High and Low for More Menomonie Sprawl Results

As you may know, this blog is relying entirely on word-of-mouth to gain traction. And right now, we could use a little word-of-mouth assistance. If you know someone who knows someone who might know a thing or two about the results of a certain 24-team tournament held this weekend at UW-Stout, encourage them to pass along what they can. We know Beaver Dam, Oshkosh West, River Valley, Mosinee and Stanley-Boyd were there. Who finished first? How about second? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I know Oshkosh West won the tournament. Erica Cota starting outside/opposite is a cousin of mine and know they are 13-0.

Anonymous said...

Some 'local' results can be found here. Scroll midway down the page and learn about Mosinee and Wausau West at the Sprawl as well as Merril at it's home invite.


Anonymous said...

Learn about Antigo at the Sprawl here:


Learn about (2nd place) Beaver Dam here:


Validity to Oshkkosh West winning:


Menomonie HS finished 13th. Second paragraph:


(Menomoie sidebar - I would hate to be known as the team of "Maroons.")

That's all I've got. Sorry I didn't put it all in the same email. Jumped the gun on the first send off.

VBuberalles said...

Thanks. Don't know how to make them live links as comments, but we'll redo the post itself with these links and an updated final finish. Thanks to everyone for the help.