Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wisconsin Badgers Projected Volleyball Rosters

Current Roster Link

2013 Projected
  • Annemarie Hickey, OH/DS, Sr.
  • Julie Mikaelsen, RS, Sr.
  • Lindsey Seil, DS, Sr.
  • Dominique Thompson, Jr.
  • Ellen Chapman, OH, Jr.
  • Crystal Graff, OH, Jr.
  • Kt Kvas, DS/S, Jr.
  • Demi Morales, DS, Jr.
  • Courtney Thomas, S, Jr.
  • Caroline Workman, DS, Jr.
  • Vic Ito, DS, Soph.
  • Claire Raddatz, DS, Soph.
  • Tori Blake, MH, Fr.
  • Lauren Carlini, S, Fr.
  • Haileigh Nelson, MH, Fr.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Kelli Kasha signed on this year as well!

VBuberalles said...

Oops, our bad. Thanks for the catch. The good news is that she jumps to the front of her class in our listing since we're doing it alphabetically.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this really hits home that it wil be another young team in 2009.

Looking forward to spring coverage!

Anonymous said...

Maloney was a RS Freshman in 08, so I think you need to extend her (or note special status) through 2012. Not sure but Schill may have been a RS Medical Freshman this year.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is now fact. Jessa Benson of Spring Green has come to the Badgers.

Anonymous said...

Annemarie Hickey's correct spelling of first name is with an "e". Welcome aboard

VBuberalles said...

Nice catch. We apologize for missing that "e" in Annemarie's name. We believe we've corrected it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin Spring Schedule was distributed through the Badger Bulletin (if you are interested):

Saturday, March 7th - versus Florida at UNO Volleyball Club in Joliet, IL

Saturday, March 28th - versus Iowa State HOME

Saturday, April 4 - versus North Dakota State HOME

Saturday, April 11 - versus Illinois HOME

-gobucky- {I have a name. Sort of}

17 said...

Looks like Schill is off the roster on the uwbadgers site now.

gobucky said...

I know you guys have a lot on your plate, but the following have left for 2011 and beyond:

Kasha, Wiedmeyer, Walch, Maloney.

Adds to 2011 and beyond as freshman are Carolyn Workman (DS), KT Kvas (DS/S). You also have omitted Julie Mikaelsen, who came in 2010 as a freshman.

Anonymous said...

also kirby will be soph. with the freshman this year due to the fact she was a redshirt this past season