Sunday, May 17, 2009

UW-Green Bay Projected Volleyball Rosters

There's nothing official about this. It's just our best guess based on what we find here, there and everywhere.

  • Allison Bohnen, MB, Sr.
  • Abbey Gitter, RS, Sr.
  • Karli Koralewski, DS, Sr.
  • Kelly Mischler, MB, Sr.
  • Carlie Willison, OH, Sr.
  • Brittany Groth, OH, Jr.
  • Carmen Leitermann, MB, Jr.
  • Haley Oelke, OH, Jr.
  • Monica Anderson, OH, Soph.
  • Kara Lindstedt, DS, Soph.
  • Sabrina Marunowski, DS, Soph.
  • Katie Mroczenski, MH, Soph.
  • Leah Poel, S, Soph.
  • Leah Van Zeeland, RS/S, Soph.
  • Lyndsay Zabkowicz, OH, Soph.
  • Brittany Groth, OH, Sr.
  • Carmen Leitermann, MB, Sr.
  • Haley Oelke, OH, Sr.
  • Monica Anderson, OH, Jr.
  • Kara Lindstedt, DS, Jr.
  • Sabrina Marunowski, DS, Jr.
  • Katie Mroczenski, MH, Jr.
  • Leah Poel, S, Jr.
  • Leah Van Zeeland, RS/S, Jr.
  • Lyndsay Zabkowicz, OH, Jr.
  • Sophie Jaskulski, MB, Fr.
  • Mikaela Gunderson, MH, Fr.
  • Becca Mastey, L/DS, Fr.


Anonymous said...

I thought Baumeister was going to be a DS?

Anonymous said...

Baumeister has actually signed with NAIA Viterbo University. Viterbo has a nice write-up about allof their 2010 recruits. Baumeister will play DS and OH for the Hawks in Fall.

Anonymous said...

That Mastey is amazing. You've got to see her play.