Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Menomonie Sprawl Results (Our Best Guess to Date)

Thanks for the help. We're making progress.

1. Oshkosh West (D1 S4) Story
2. Beaver Dam (D1 S4) Story
T3. Rice Lake (D2 S1) (Note: BD story above implies BD beat Rice Lake in semis)
T3. River Valley (D2 S3) (Note: WVCA Scores imply OW beat RV in semis)
5. Wausau West (D1 S1) Story
8. Mosinee (D2 S1) Story
13. Antigo (D1 S1) Story

Gold bracket most likely included Barron, Osceola, Mosinee and Stanley-Boyd based on Oshkosh West's reported scores. The link someone provided for Menomonie's 13th place finish was a "this day in history" story that referenced their finish in 2007.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Guess I'm the maroon......

VBuberalles said...

No need to apologize and don't be so hard on yourself. We didn't figure it out ourselves until we were typing in two teams for 13th place (Antigo and Menomonie). We really appreciate everyone's help.