Thursday, August 28, 2008

State of the Blog Preseason Pep Talk

We have two previews left that'll appear later today. And it's obviously been quite a challenge for us. For example, we know our 28-day jaunt through every WIAA sectional has overlooked some players who will be key contributors this fall (Angie Roidt of McFarland and Erica Reetz of Homestead come immediately to mind). We've also gotten a mascot or two wrong (sorry West Salem).

And while we've been busy trying to prepare somewhat competent previews, the season has already started for many teams and scores have already started to stack up.

All of which has caused us to do some serious soul-searching about what this blog can do and what it can't (at least, not yet).

This blog can be a place to learn something you maybe didn't know before about a team or a player who might otherwise not have been on your radar. It's not a place to find every score from matches the night before (for the record, though, Cambria-Friesland defeated Rio in three and Catholic Memorial beat DSHA in five). To help you stay updated on that, we'll try to provide links to the "volleyball scores" section of the WVCA site in the near future.

We're having a blast doing this thing, but it's not our full-time (or even our part-time) job. Which means during the season, we're going to make decisions about what to cover using a very simple formula: If something interests us, we'll post. And that's where you come in. If there's a match or player you feel is post-worthy, let us know via e-mail to or by trying to add a comment to a post. We can't guarantee we'll post everything, but we'll try to keep up as much as we can.

You can also join the conversations that are usually occurring on the many message boards out there. Volleyball Magazine has a good one for Wisconsin boys volleyball. usually has a Wisconsin thread for girls. And there are also Wisconsin threads for boys and girls at

Let's talk. Let's learn about teams and players we wouldn't have otherwise. Let's get excited about "the state of the sport in the state of Wisconsin."

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