Thursday, January 8, 2015

While This Blog Was Sleeping #1: Wisconsinite Five-Peat

A whole lot happened while this blog was hitting the snooze button year after year after year. And it'll obviously take some time for us to get back into the heavy arm swing of things.

Here's one little something that happened: A team with at least one Wisconsinite on its roster won the NCAA Division 1 men's championship for the fifth straight year. Let's review:
  • 2010: Stanford with Garrett Werner (Nicolet '06)
  • 2011: Ohio State with Peter Heinen (Milwaukee Marquette '10) and Nick Gibson (Shorewood '09)
  • 2012: UC-Irvine with Jeremy Dejno (New Berlin '10)
  • 2013: UC-Irvine with Jeremy Dejno (New Berlin '10)
  • 2014: Loyola with Nick Olson (New Berlin, '12), Trevor Novotny (Catholic Memorial, '12), Peter Hutz (Milwaukee Marquette, '12)
Any other suggestions for a "while this blog was sleeping" post? Did the Wisconsin Badgers do anything in the 2013 or 2014 seasons? Did a Wisconsinite win a national championship on the women's side in 2014?

Stay tuned. And don't hesitate to help us catch up from this huge hole we've dug for ourselves. Our goal is to have an incredible comeback to win a set even though we're behind like 19-8 right now. (Hold on. Wait. What's that? Did we just give our first hint as to the identity of us here bloggers?)

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