Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Catchall Catchup Post

We have a lot of catching up to do, especially to our lists. We'll add bullet points below throughout the weekend to let you know what's new.
  • We added Taylor Corkum (Wisconsin Lutheran '13) and Hannah Kren (Wisconsin Lutheran '13) to our 1,000 digs list
  • And Teal Tomaszewski (Weyawauga-Fremont '13) and Bailey Kapitzke (Weyawauga-Fremont '13) to the same list
  • Here's a link to the 2012 WBVCA All-State Team. We'll create a separate post for this sometime over the weekend
  • Added Tiffany Stargardt (Marshfield '13) and Shawn Hotson (Greendale '13) to 1,000 kills list
  • And Anna Nyberg (Tomahawk '15) to the same list
  • Added Jazmyn Trudeau (Oconomowoc '16) and Natalie Jaeger (Oconomowoc '13) to the 2012 Freshmen on the Floor and 1,000 digs lists, respectively
  • Added Claire Elliott (Whitefish Bay '16) and Sophie Shields (Whitefish Bay '16) to the freshmen list as well
  • Cleaned up Wisconsin Badgers Projected Roster link on the right side of the blog
  • Much more to come. Stay tuned

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