Monday, February 27, 2012


The following Wisconsin-based teams have qualified for nationals. In parentheses we identify the tournament where that team qualified. Let us know if we're missing anyone. And good luck all.

  • West Allis Lightning 14 (St. Louis)
  • North Shore 14 Eric (St. Louis)
  • Southwest 15 (Illinois)
  • West Allis Lightning 15 (Wisconsin)
  • North Shore 16 Jim (St. Louis)
  • West Allis Lightning 16 (Wisconsin)
  • North Shore 17 Jake (St. Louis)
  • Wisconsin Volleyball Academy Nightmares 17 (Wisconsin)
  • North Shore 18 Brad (Wisconsin)
  • West Allis Lightning 18 (St. Louis)


Anonymous said...

WA Lightning qualified teams:
Boys 14, Boys 15, Boys 16 and Boys 18. 14's and 15's both look very strong, heard that both will be playing in the 16's div in their own tournament in a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

WVA Nightmares 17s have also qualified. They did at at the Wisconsin Boys Fest earlier this month. Here is a link to the complete list of qualifiers:

Anonymous said...

Southport VBC will be sending its 14s, 16s and 17s to the club level of nationals in Dallas. The 14s have not dropped a match this year to a team that has not qualified for open-level of nationals. The 16s are recently coming off winning the consolation bracket at the Great Lakes Festival. And the 17s have finished in gold in St. Louis and done well at the other qualifiers. All three will do well at the club level in July.