Thursday, February 23, 2012

Campbellsport High School to Hold Memorial Tournament

We picked up the story below directly from the Badger Region VolleyBlog. And here's more information about the Caitlin Scannell Scholarship Fund.

"My name is Heidi Olson and I am the head varsity volleyball coach at Campbellsport High School. Waupun Breakout and Ripon Riptide club teams both had the great experience of getting to know Caitlin Scannell. I have coached Caitlin in some capacity, basketball and volleyball, since she was in 7th grade. There is really not another person in the world like her and I miss her everyday. Losing her wasn't only difficult for me, but also for our volleyball program. The two other girls that passed away were also volleyball players. We all suffered such a horrific loss and would like to honor Caitlin, as well as Sabrina and Katie, by having a volleyball tournament in their honor. We have an open weekend on September 29, 2012. If you could please pass the word to any high school coaches and see if anyone has this weekend open, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyone interested can get a hold of me via email at"

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