Saturday, October 29, 2011

Since We're in Time Travel Mode

It's high time we acknowledged some of the longest-serving coaches in the state. Please let us know if we're missing any other coaches with a quarter century on their resumes.
  • Portage head coach, Joann Armson, was recently honored for 35 years of coaching, which means she started when either Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter were in the White House--we heard that "wow" you just uttered
  • We believe Westosha Central head coach, Charlie Berg, has been pointing out serve locations on his ubiquitous clipboard for 33 solid years now, which also means his first seniors might already have their AARP cards
  • Fond du Lac head coach, Julie Riese, will be trying to push off retirement from her 26-year coaching career for one more week when her Cardinals take on West Bend East tonight in a Division 1 sectional final
  • And speaking of exciting sectional final match-ups, Germantown head coach, Diane Harrod, will try to advance to the state tournament tonight by beating Watertown just a few decades after she started the Milwaukee Madison volleyball program in A.D. 1971
In all seriousness, without these dedicated professionals, it would be a different game in this state. Thank you all and good luck to the two still making a run for the Resch. So who did we forget to acknowledge?

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