Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thus Endeth Club and Beginneth High School and College

Haven't the three posts below tied a positively lovely bow on the 2010-2011 club season?

Well now it's time to turn our volleyball attentions to the upcoming high school and college seasons. We were actually able to do a fair amount of behind-the-scenes prep work this past week. Whether it will prove to be enough to resurrect our annual sectional-by-sectional previews is TBD. One thing we do know: The first previews will appear a week later than in years past.

Look for the first few on August 8.

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Anonymous said...

On that note I stumbled upon a pretty decent summer high school tournament in Watertown this weekend...not sure what the final tallies were but Burlington, Germantown, Watertown, Muskego were definitely the top 4. Also there were Waupan,Deerfield, Sun Prairie, Depere