Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bucky on BTN

Wisconsin Badgers volleyball v. Illinois at 6 p.m. tonight. That's 12 minutes away if you're reading this the second it's posted.

UPDATE: Badgers fall in three, but played tough each set. Julie Mikaelsen was Big Ten Freshman of the Week last week and played well tonight.

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Anonymous said...

This young team has been struggling all season. It should say a lot for this team if they can continue to improve and pull off more upsets other than Northwestern.

If a program has a year where there are a high amount of recruits compared to the years before it or following it, there will be a drop off in experience level.

For example Northwestern and Illinois are graduating 3-5 starters. In the upcoming years these teams could face the same problems that teams like Wisconsin are facing right now, which is inexperience.

In the future, teams like Wisconsin will be very successful in their conference, it is the in between years that can lead to stress and problems within the program.