Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Will Bay Be Playing for a Title in Tosa? A Preview of Boys Sectional Eight

Brookfield Central, Brookfield East, Shorewood, Wauwatosa East, Wauwatosa West, Whitefish Bay/Dominican

Wauwatosa East over Wauwatosa West in four.


Whitefish Bay over Wauwatosa East in five.

Next: Girls Division Four Sectional One


Anonymous said...

I think you got all the boys sectionals correct except #8. I can't see Whitefish Bay beating Tosa East. They have too much fire power.

Anonymous said...

i don't think they got it wrong, its tough to pick. this sectional is going to be nuts, i could see every team here make a run at state except for central. bay will definitely put up a good fight; they also have Zach Tazalla who played NS 15s i believe & there setter Riley Mehls is not too bad

Anonymous said...

tosa east will most likely not have hoffland set, they have a junior setter coming in and hoffland will move to libero

Anonymous said...

Adam Kessenich also plays for Shorewood. He was a Libero for the West Allis Lightning 16s team that won in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Both Alec Redlich and Mitchell Lahmann were first team all woodland conference, and Ryan Cvecko was honrable mention