Saturday, August 7, 2010

Joe Humpal, Meet Joe Humpal?

Not complaining or anything, but these previews are carpal tunnel-inducing enough without running across this little Google search exercise: There are apparently two Joe Humpals playing volleyball in the state:
There's some talk that Joe Humpal the second will be transferring to a volleyball-playing school in the fall, but we're not going to say anything more about that until it happens.

Are there really two Joe Humpals?


Anonymous said...

According to a Milwaukee Journal post 9-22-10 it is true:

Milwaukee Pius 3, Racine St. Catherine's 0: Pius was led by Jake Tenaglia, who finished with 12 kills. Joe Humpal added 37 assists for the Popes.

Tonight it will be Joe Humpal vs Joe Humpal as Milwaukee Pius takes on Arrowhead.

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

My name is Joe Humpal, I am Niether of these Joe Humpals. There are more than two Joe Humpals in the world.