Saturday, May 2, 2009

Miami-Bound: Unofficial BRQ Results

You know how much we love comments, anonymous or otherwise. And earlier today, several shared the following unofficial results from the BRQ (first place gets a National bid; second and third get American):

  1. FC Elite 15-1 (started the day as No. 1 seed)
  2. Southwest Milwaukee 15-1 (started the day as the No. 6 seed)
  3. Muskego Stars 15 Blue (started the day as the No. 5 seed)
  1. West Bend Power 16 Purple (started the day as the No. 1 seed)
  2. FC Elite 16-1 (started the day as the No. 2 seed)
  3. G-Force 16-1 (started the day as the No. 3 seed)
17s (see comment below)
  1. National bid returned to USAV
  2. Wisconsin Select 17-1 and Midwest Penguins 17 both receive American bids
  1. Wisconsin Select 18
  2. Southwest Milwaukee 18-1
We'll try to list the rosters for these teams tomorrow. Does anyone have a positive story from the day? Close matches? Great effort? If so, please share with the group. And if anyone has any insights on the 17s, let us know. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

3rd - Muskego Stars 15 Blue

3rd - G-Force 161

1st, 2nd and 3rd all get bids to Nationals. 1st gets National Bid and 2nd,3rd get American Bid

Anonymous said...

According the the USA Volleyball website the 17s American division bids for Badger Region were given to Midwest Penguins 171 and Wisconsin Select 17. It looks as though the regions National bid was not filled and given back to USAV.