Monday, May 4, 2009

Badger Region Qualifying Team Rosters: Southwest Milwaukee 15-1 and Muskego Stars 15 (15 American)

Since we're still relying on anonymous comments left to a previous post, we'll still technically have to consider these unofficial results. But we're pretty darn sure the two teams below will be the ones representing the Badger Region at the 15 Club American level in Miami. (Note: It also appears as though several of the girls are "playing up" so we won't list school affiliations in those instances).

Southwest Milwaukee 15-1
  • Abby Gableman (Catholic Memorial)
  • Shawn Hotson
  • Michelle Prihoda (Pius XI)
  • Lauren Krolikowski (Catholic Memorial)
  • Kiara Gollakner (Pius XI)
  • Kaitlynn Bohan (Pius XI)
  • Jordon Winkler (Pius XI)
  • Hannah Kren
  • Emma Kolander (Wisconsin Lutheran)
  • Taylor Lewis (Wauwatosa East)
Muskego Stars 15 Blue
  • Michelle Matysik
  • Shannon Molter
  • Chelsea Lallemont
  • Kassandra Hermanson
  • Emma Ketterhagen
  • Laura Felker
  • Cassidy Robers
  • Lauren Karlik
  • Kaitlyn Hein
  • Bianca Borga
We could obviously still use some help on school affiliations for the Stars. E-mail anything you know to We'll honor the 16 National and 16 American teams tomorrow.

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