Saturday, April 18, 2009

Minnesota, Illinois and (Hopefully) Wisconsin Report

It's late. Should have posted sooner. Didn't. Here's what we know about who's still in the running for various championships, starting in Minnesota, moving to Illinois, then sending out a call for help with where things are at in the Dells. As always, let us know where we err.

MINNESOTA: Northern Lights Qualifier

16 Club
  • Capital 16 Air Annie
  • FC Elite 16-1
  • West Bend Power 16 Purple
17 Club
  • Midwest Penguins 17-1
18 Club
  • Capital 18 Nike Mark
ILLINOIS: JVDA Youth Showcase

15 Club
  • Milwaukee Sting 15 Black
WISCONSIN: Diggin' in the Dells

(We can't find a link and we didn't tap our sources there as hard as we should have. If anyone has a report, let us know. Thanks.)

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