Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Add Your Volleyball Camp as a Comment and We'll Add It to the Post

If you've got a lead on a high school, club or college volleyball camp, leave the link for more information as a comment and we'll add it to our current list. You could also shoot us an e-mail at Thanks.
At some point, we'll put a more permanent link to this post somewhere on the side of the blog.


Anonymous said...

Nicolet camps

Volleyball info is on page 27

VBuberalles said...

We received the following details about the Molten Volleyball Camps and decided to share it in the comments section: "Molten Volleyball Camps go all over the state and do camps in the hometown gym. They also sponsor a great team camp at Chula Vista Resort and the Wisconsin Dells Center. Directed by Rod Wilde, Wayne King, Kirsten Jensen, the 1st Assistant at Northwestern, and Ruth Leitzke and coached by college coaches from all over the US - it is a team camp like no other. Teams are housed in Condo's, fed at restaurant buffets and they get to compete with some of the top programs in Wisconsin, the defending state champs from Illinois, and a few other of the top programs down there AND this year some Michigan teams - it really is something unique. More information can be found at"