Thursday, March 5, 2009

Question for Group Regarding That Other Sport

So someone posed a question to us this morning and we thought it'd be a good one to throw out to the group: How many girls club volleyball players will be competing in weekend sectionals for that, er, other sport that uses a spherical object but isn't nearly as exciting as volleyball?

Let's start a list in the comments section below. That way, we'll know which two-sporters to cheer for over the weekend.


Jen said...

Carol Henney, Catholic Central High School (Burlington) Wisc. Jrs.

Kaitlyn Wilks, Union Grove High School (not sure of club)

Rachel Aumann, Racine Lutheran, Wisc. Jrs.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin Heights (Heights vs. Cuba City) Sectional Semi-Final Friday, March 6th, 7 PM @ Richland Center:

from Wisconsin Heights
(Black Earth/Mazomanie area):
Ali Wilkinson
Brooke Brunner
Kaia Friske
Danielle Mautz

from Cuba City:
Danielle Matuszak
Emily Kaiser
Katie Langmeier
Maggie Timmerman
Megan Pickel
Sam Marti

Hopefully I haven't left out anyone.....