Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Little O'This & A Little O'That

Happy St. Patrick's Day. We have three things on our mind at the moment and none really has anything to do with St. Patrick's Day, but Happy St. Patrick's Day all the same. Here are the aforementioned three things:
  1. Someone was wondering if we knew the results of the Whitewater Open this past weekend. We checked the Badger Region site and learned that one 14s team won a 15s tournament in Whitewater on Saturday and another 14s team won a 16s event. We're not sure, however, whether those two competitions are what the individual looking for results had in mind. Were there other tournaments in Whitewater that we're just too neglectful to have noticed? If so, let us know. Thanks.
  2. It appears as though the UW-Oshkosh men's team is the No. 2 overall seed at the Las Vegas Open this weekend. We'll be very interested to hear how it goes. Any reports and results would be much appreciated.
  3. In addition to the younger age levels, the Badger Region Championships for adults occur this weekend and we'd really, really, really like to give these non-youth their due. Unfortunately, we can't discern as much as we'd like from team names like "Bradford," "killsomething," and "Golden Girls." If anyone wants to share a roster and/or details about some of the competitors' past volleyball lives, our stories will be much more compelling for our non-adult readers.
If you're interested in responding to any of the above requests, you can either leave a comment (remember that it might not appear right away since we have to process it) or e-mail vbuberalles@gmail.com. Thanks (and have we wished you Happy St. Patrick's Day yet?).  

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