Monday, March 16, 2009

Final GLPL 18s (Unquestionably Unofficial)

To the best of our ability to interpret Sunday's results, this is where we think (repeat, think) Wisconsin club teams among the top 50 ended up on the final day of competition:
  • Milwaukee Sting 18 Gold (8th)
  • Milwauke Sting 17 Gold (18th)
  • Wisconsin Juniors 18-1 (19th)
  • Capital 18 Nike David (20th)
  • Milwaukee Sting 16 Gold (24th)
  • Capital 16 DB (31st)
  • Wisconsin Juniors 17-1 (33rd)
  • Capital 18 Nike Mark (35th)
  • Milwaukee Sting 17 Black (41st)
  • Milwaukee Sting 18 Black (43rd)
Our apologies if we've misread or missed a team altogether. And nice work to everyone who made the trip again and again (and again). 

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