Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prelude to a Whirlwind August, Part One

Our 28-day jaunt through every boys and girls WIAA volleyball sectional starts this Friday.
Before we begin, however, we should confess to something right upfront: It will quickly become obvious that what we don't know clearly outweighs what we do. And our self-imposed deadline of a new sectional each day will probably prove more than we can handle. Great players will go unmentioned. Up-and-coming teams will slip through the cracks. Embarrassing factual errors will occur. And we apologize in advance.

So why even try?

Three reasons: We want to promote the sport in the state, we want to promote the sport in the state and we want to promote the sport in the state. And trying this seems like a great way to get everyone jacked about the upcoming fall seasons.

We'd love it if the parents of a girls team in one part of the state started to half-follow a boys team clear on the other side of Wisconsin (and vice versa). Once the posts start, don't hesitate to help us fill in the many, many blanks. There's also still time to shoot us an e-mail with a schedule or insights on your favorite team. Many have already done so and it's been greatly appreciated.

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David Everywhere said...

What I don't know clearly outweighs everything I do know... "All I know, is that I know nothing" I don't remember who said that, but it hlds true in my life. Keep promoting the sport in the state, and they will come!