Wednesday, July 30, 2008

FOCVs to the Rescue on Beach Jam Results

We were able to get the last names of the winners of various Bradford Beach Jam competitions from the Badger Region site. For first names and high schools we had to rely heavily on comments from several Friends of Cheese & Volleyball (FOCVs). Regarding the identity of B18 winners "Olson and Barreau," we received this comment:
"Johnny Olson and Jake Barreau. Both played 18's for Nightmares in Stoughton this year. Neither were able to play in High School because I believe Johnny went to Iowa-Grant and Jake is from Portage. Great kids."
Regarding the identity of B16 winners "Erickson and Caspar," we assumed the "Caspar" was Dan Caspar of Catholic Memorial, but we received this comment about the identity of "Erickson":
"It's probably Dayton who will be a freshman at Central. He played with Casper at NSMVC 15's."
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Anonymous said...

Correction, Dayton Ericksen will be a sophmore